providing solutions for business, money and personal finance problems


Welcome to MONEY CHALLENGE CLINIC where your questions about money, business, investment and entreprenuership are answered in a way that enables you to succeed in building wealth and fulfillment with peace of mind.

MONEY CHALLENGE CLINIC is a one-stop-shop for all your basic financial literacy needs to help improve your finances and business. Since 2005, I’ve provided tailored personal financial and business advisory services to both individual and group clients nationwide through coaching sessions and seminars.
Money is a big issue for every one in life. To be comfortable enough to have the peace of mind to work on our various projects, we need to have money. Because when money is lacking it becomes a major problem that paralyzes us. To build a financially stable life, it is not enough to simply make more money. You must also build healthier financial habits by knowing how to manage spending and avoid pitfalls.
I practically muddle my way to acquire financial intelligence through years and months of reading, listening to tapes and cds and mentoring sessions with some kind hearted guys.
The principles and ideas discovered not only enabled me to quit the rat race but opened my doors to financial freedom.
My aim here is to spread the light. These principles that worked for me and million others will also work for you




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